This month sees the official arrival of full-length, debut album "Eyes Of Pain" from the U.S.-based heavyweights SHADOW KINGDOM. The journey to get to the June 25th release date has been wrought with myriad trials and times of uncertainty, points where circumstance seemed to briefly triumph. It had not, of course, for the musicians at the helm of this sonic monstrosity, guitarist Gregory Alfonso and ex-Waricide vocalist Robert Slater, refused to surrender their shared vision of Heavy Metal greatness.

The origins of SHADOW KINGDOM began winter of 2014 in Milford, Connecticut as an earlier version of the band were in songwriting mode. Entering Dexter's Lab Recording studios that summer, "The Reflection" EP was recorded and independently released in 2018. Coinciding with the recording, SHADOW KINGDOM hit the regional live performance circuit where they astounded crowds. Their high intensity meld of elements ranging from speed metal, melodic thrash, and power metal emanated with dynamic technicality coupled with wide ranging vocal deliveries.

Establishing themselves as a capable studio and stage incinerating act, SHADOW KINGDOM soon began writing material for their next recorded effort. But, as is often the case with up and coming bands, external issues began to affect each of them internally. Pressures mounted and eventually boiled over, bringing membership changes within SHADOW KINGDOM. Though they managed to play a few more live performances, no one could imagine what reality had in store for them, and the entire world, as a viral affliction came to pass. As the pandemic grew, difficulties for the band mounted also but Gregory and Robert were undaunted.

The pair pursued the talents and services of drummer Nick Bellmore (Toxic Holocaust, Dee Snider) and bassist Jeff Curtiss (Obsession). Alongside Alfonso and Slater, the four found the drive and resolve to resume the songwriting process, though not without struggle at times. That said, the perseverance and resolve of SHADOW KINGDOM is paramount and now, their hard work and dedication has paid off in a most rewarding way....

The 10-song "Eyes Of Pain" album is a cohesive, galvanized expression adept with its' influences. Incendiary shreddings, yet tempered with moments of juxtaposing aggression. Fluid with old-school inspirations, yet contemporary and clean while channeling nuances reminiscent of Nevermore or Armored Saint. From the airy "Absolution" to the chunk and crush of "Reject Hell", "Broken Touch", or "Nightmare Beyond", there is purpose and passion in this band's playing.

The first full-length record from the molten American act SHADOW KINGDOM, "Eyes Of Pain", arrives June 25th on CD It will be released in Europe June 25th on NO DUST RECORDS and distributed in North America via ANIMATED INSANITY RECORDS.

The Vinyl LP format of "Eyes Of Pain" is currently being pressed and will be available in August.